What we can deliver.

We will be glad to support with our experienced people and specialized equipment any new idea for a product. iMake supports simple Customized Production as well as Technical Problem Solving or Innovation with new products.

Why Us?

To support with our manpower and our available equipment, every new idea of yours for a product.
Only together we can succeed. Your success is ours too!
To offer the best services to our customers.

Customized products 

iMake can design and manufacture any customized object or part you may need.

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Technical Solutions

For every Technical problem you may need to solve and every process you may need to simplify or improve, iMake can study, design and manufacture or propose one or more solutions.

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Innovation – New Products

iMake is here to provide you full support on your idea and help you in the way you need, always with confidentiality.

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